8 Waterfalls In Antalya You Must Visit!

If you are looking to discover more about the waterfalls in Antalya, you have come to the right place. They are often overlooked, thanks to the gorgeous beaches on the Turkish Riviera.

But this tropical paradise isn’t complete without venturing into lush greenery and exploring some amazing freshwater waterfalls and pools. And luckily, there are plenty of beautiful Antalya waterfalls for travelers to explore, swim in, and enjoy mother nature at its finest!

Below we’ll talk about 8 of the best waterfalls in the Antalya District, why they are worth visiting, and information to help your waterfall adventure come true!


1. Lower Düden Falls

The Düden River originates from the Taurus Mountain Range and flows throughout the city of Antalya, with two major waterfalls that are very popular for locals and tourists to visit.

Undoubtedly, the Lower Düden Waterfall is the most famous Antalya waterfall due to the dramatic cascading water that drops 40 meters off a cliff into the Mediterranean Sea below. 

The surrounding Duden Park is a good escape from the bustling center and is where visitors can appreciate the natural beauty of the Düden River merging into a magnificent waterfall and get some fresh air.

The entrance into the park is free, and you will hear the magical sounds of local musicians drifting through the area as you make your way to the edge of the Lower Düden Waterfall. Situated in the middle of the park is a number of food stalls where you can find traditional Turkish and international food options.

This popular waterfall is located 25 minutes by car and 50 minutes by public transport from Antalya’s center. If you are visiting Lara Beach, one of the best beaches in Antalya, the waterfall is only a 10-minute drive away.

If you are looking for a unique viewpoint of the Lower Düden Waterfall, then consider taking a boat tour from Antalya. After heavy rainfall, the water may be a brown color so it’s best to go after a clear day to appreciate the waterfall at its clearest.

  • Distance from AntalyaIn Antalya, but about 10 km (6.2 mi) from the Kaleiçi (Old Town)
  • Hiking Required? No 

2. Upper Düden Falls

From the Lower Duden falls, head upstream and follow the River and you’ll find yourself the Upper Düden Waterfall. Situated far from the city center, Upper Duden Falls is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle. It is a piece of green haven where visitors can cool down and enjoy the fresh air, especially on a hot summer day.

You can stroll along the pathways and through the natural caves. Fortunately, there are view platforms to see this Turkey waterfall up close. Sturdy footwear is advised as the path can be slippery and, in some sections, there is more difficult terrain. 

There is a small entrance fee with the ticket booth on-site. Inside the park, you will find decent facilities including free toilets and water fountains. If you wish to avoid the crowds, it’s best to arrive early in the morning when it opens. 

There are plenty of nice restaurants and cafe options available along the river, so you can enjoy the sounds of the flowing water as you have lunch. If you wish to bring your own food, there is plenty of space to enjoy a picnic overlooking the waterfall. 

The Upper Düden Waterfall is located 30 minutes by car from the Lower Düden waterfall and 20 minutes from the center of Antalya. Visitors can take the Varsak minibuses from the center of Antalya to the waterfalls. They depart every 20 minutes and take 35 minutes to arrive.

  • Distance from Antalya: About 10 km (6.2 mi) from Kaleiçi (Old Town) in Varsak district
  • Hiking Required? No
  • Entrance Fee: 30 TL

3. Manavgat Waterfall

A beautiful place to take a day trip from Antalya, Side, or Manavgat is Manavgat Waterfall. Enjoy local food at one of the restaurants adjacent to the river or bring your own snacks to have at the many picnic tables on-site.

There is a small fee to enter and to use the toilets inside the area. The waterfall is two meters high and 40 meters wide and is surrounded by trees hanging over the river. Unfortunately, swimming or even going into the river is forbidden.

To give visitors a good view of the waterfall, there are viewing platforms where you can take photos or stand in awe of the power of Manavgat Waterfall. The walk to the platforms is short and easy to reach after entering the park. 

By car, this waterfall is located 15 minutes from Side and eight minutes from Manavgat center, with free parking next to the entrance. It is advised to arrive early in the morning as this iconic natural Turkish landmark becomes full of tourists around midday as the tours come in.

Fun Fact: The Manavgat Waterfall was depicted on the back of the 5 Turkish Lira note from 1968 to 1983!

  • Distance from Antalya: 78 km (48 mi) in Manavgat district
  • Hiking Required? No, but a short walk
  • Entrance Fee: 60 TL

4. Kurşunlu Waterfall

The Kursunlu Waterfall is situated inside the Kursunlu Waterfall Nature Park, a 587-hectare green space with plenty of trails, picnic areas, and recreation space. This 18-meter Antalya waterfall empties into 7 smaller pools and is surrounded by gorgeous natural beauty. Unfortunately, this is not a place where travelers can swim in.

The water that flows down the river is a deep, rich, blue color and offers visitors a nice backdrop for their photos. Another beautiful feature is a green, mossy wall behind the waterfall.

The walk to the waterfall is around two kilometers. However, for those who are keen hikers, there is a longer option through the national park that takes three hours and follows along the river. Visitors can even go behind the Kurşunlu Waterfall to a hidden cave to take photos and cool off with the spray from the water. 

There is a small fee to enter, but the park is well equipped with toilets, paved paths, free parking, Turkish restaurants and more for guests to enjoy.

Kurşunlu Waterfall is easy to reach from Antalya, with a short 25-minute drive by car or one and a half hours by public transport. Minibuses number 230and 23 and bus number 79 can be used to reach the waterfall.

  • Distance from Antalya: 22 km (13 mi) in Aksu district
  • Hiking Required? Yes, 25 minutes from the entrance of the park
  • Entrance fee: 50 TL for adults

5. Sapadere Waterfall

If you are looking for a day trip that has many spots to swim and cool off from the hot Turkish sun, then Sapadere Waterfall in Antalya should be on your list. This waterfall is situated near the Sapadere Village in a scenic canyon surrounded by greenery.

Reaching the Sapadere Waterfall requires a 30-minute walk from the entrance. This way through the canyon has a wooden footpath, which means this waterfall is easy to get to and accessible for many. There is a small cost to enter Sapadere Canyon to see the main attraction of the final waterfall. 

As you walk up the canyon there are four different pools that you can swim in. Once you arrive at the main waterfall, there is a bigger pool with refreshing, cool water where you can swim up to the water crashing down from above.

The waterfall is enclosed by the canyon cliffs and is a fun place to jump into the water. 

After a refreshing swim to the waterfall, stop by the village of Sapadere and enjoy a local meal and Turkish Tea at one of the restaurants. You can reach the entrance of the canyon after a one-hour drive from Alanya by car.

Sapadere Waterfall is arguably the best waterfall in Antalya for swimming!

  • Distance from Antalya: 182 km (113 mi) in Alanya district
  • Hiking Required? Yes (30 min to get there)
  • Entrance Fee: 60 TL

6. Uçansu Falls

If you want a remote trek into one of Antalya’s most hidden waterfalls, then Uçansu Waterfall is perfect for you. The water comes from the melting of the glaciers in the Taurus Mountains, which means they are ice cold and perfect for the hot summer.

After a short walk through Turkey’s natural landscapes, visitors are rewarded with a wide, green pool and a stunning stream of water falling into the pool below. Take a dip in the cold water or enjoy the view from the nearby rocks or viewing platform. 

The height of the waterfall is 40 meters and is spread wide, creating a picturesque blanket of water. If you visit on a clear day, the water will be clear, blue, and very cold. As this waterfall requires more effort to find, it often has fewer tourists than some of the more popular waterfalls in the region.

Although the road to reach these falls can be rough in parts, the destination is worth it. The drive from Antalya takes one and a half hours. Jeep safari tours take tourists to the waterfalls as a day trip, allowing those who don’t have the appropriate transportation to marvel at this hidden gem. 

Sturdy footwear is recommended to reach this remote waterfall. There is an option to camp in the area in order to be surrounded by mountains and enjoy the sounds of the waterfall as you relax in nature. There are barbecues for use as well, however, there is no place to buy food at the waterfall so come prepared. 

  • Distance from Antalya: 61 km (37 mi) in Gundogmus district
  • Hiking Required? Yes, a short hike

7. Değirmendere Waterfall

If you are in Antalya, you should consider taking a trip to Değirmendere Waterfall or Hidden Paradise, as it’s more commonly named. Once one of the most hidden gems in Antalya, the Değirmendere Waterfall is slowly becoming more popular, thanks to the infrastructure being built around it.

Visitors can immerse themselves in the green surroundings, swim in the cool waters, or find a nice place to view the waterfall to escape the chaos of city life. 

The main waterfall is four meters high with multiple smaller waterfalls. There are wooden stairs that take you to the higher smaller waterfalls, as well as give you a unique view of the main one below.

With free entrance, visitors can cool off with a swim in the natural pool below Değirmendere Waterfall.

To visit these falls, you might want to be prepared with your own food and water. Though there is a restaurant right next to the waterfall, it is not always open. Değirmendere Waterfall is reachable by car in one hour from Alanya and one hour and 1.5 hours from the center of Antalya.

  • Distance from Antalya: 104 km (64.6 mi) in Manavgat district
  • Hiking Required? No

8. Göynük Canyon Waterfalls

If you are up for an adventure during your visit to Antalya, then head to Göynük Canyon to take on boating, ziplining, swimming, or rafting. Naturally, the inside of the canyon forms waterfalls as the river flows through the marble-like rock formations. The water is a rich, blue color and is perfect for swimming on a hot day.  

At the entrance of the canyon, there is a Turkish restaurant and some cafes inside the canyon. However, the town of Göynük will offer more options for food. 

A dry bag is recommended if you plan to do any of the water activities available for visitors to the canyon. The entrance fee is small and can be paid on site and you can find toilets inside the entrance. You can reach the canyon by car from the center of Antalya in one hour or in two hours by public transport. 

The walk through the canyon is moderately easy and will take around 50 minutes to reach from where the boat tours begin. The hike takes you up the canyon and through some of the most beautiful viewpoints in the region. Combining stunning views, refreshing waters for swimming, and multiple waterfalls along the way, Göynük Canyon is easily one of the best attractions in Antalya.

If you are looking to combine this destination with another attraction, it would be ideal to explore the ancient city of Olympos on your way there, but you would need to rent a car for that.

  • Distance from Antalya: 35 km (21 mi) in Kemer district
  • Hiking Required? Yes, around 50 minutes to the lake
  • Entrance Fee: 90 TL


Though waterfalls might not be the first thing that comes into your head in Antalya, there are plenty of gorgeous ones that showcase this region’s natural beauty. We hope our guide has shown you some of the best Antalya waterfalls to visit!

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