Adana Travel Guide – Best Things To Do In Adana

Adana is a city that promises great memories to its visitors with its history, nature and cuisine. In this article, we have listed 14 points + Festivals that that stand out a little more with their originality and historical importance. While creating this list, the proximity of the touristic place to Adana was also taken into consideration to ensure you take the most pleasure with minimum effort.

Places to visit in Adana


It is one of the first places that come to mind among the places to visit in Adana. The bridge, which dates back to the Roman period, connects the two central districts of Adana. It is one of the 13 most important bridges of Turkey, determined by the Ministry of Tourism in 2019. In the past, he had 21 eyes, but with the widening of the road over time, he has 14 eyes. We recommend that those who visit Taşköprü take a souvenir photograph in front of the bridge and behind the Sabancı Merkez Mosque.

Taşköprü is in a very central location in Adana and can be reached by all public transportation vehicles.

2-Adana Clock Tower ( Adana Büyük Saat)

Turkey’s tallest clock tower, Büyüksaat was built in 1882 specifically to regulate the working hours of agricultural workers. The shops around it have recently been restored and have a holistic appearance. In its final form, it offers impressive photographs, especially in the evening, with its illumination. In the historical shops around, there are places where you can buy local cezerye candies and souvenirs, as well as businesses where handicrafts such as copper making and earning are kept alive.

3-Adana Archeology Museum

Among the places to visit in Adana Center, you should visit this museum to get the most information in minimum time and to experience the history of Adana. You will find the traces of all civilizations from the stone age to the present time, and you will reach a lot of information about Adana and its surroundings in a very pleasant way. We recommend that you set aside a minimum of 2 hours. After visiting the museum, which has been enriched with the newly added mosaic section, you can relax in the cafe overlooking the garden, and you can definitely find something that appeals to you in the shop selling Adana-specific souvenirs.

The New Archeology Museum is in a very central location in the Seyhan District and can be reached in a short time by public transport.

4-Sabancı Merkez Mosque

Sabancı Merkez Mosque, one of the largest mosques in Turkey, is likened to the Taj Mahal as it is located on the banks of the Seyhan River. It is known as the brother of Selimiye Mosque and the twin of Sultanahmet in terms of its construction style. It is one of the must-see places in Adana Center with its interior decorations, spacious and wide space.

Sabancı Merkez Mosque is in a very central location in Adana’s central Seyhan district and can be reached by almost all public transportation vehicles.

5-Merkez (Central) Park

Turkey’s largest city park, Merkez Park stretches from the Sabancı Merkez Mosque along the Seyhan River. You can cross the Seyhan River with two suspension bridges in the park, which draws attention with its landscape and plant diversity. You can feel yourself in Venice by visiting the river with a gondola, rent a pedal and take a stroll along the Seyhan River and take your children around the park by mini train.

Merkez Park is in a very central location in Adana’s central Seyhan district and can be reached by almost all public transportation vehicles.

6-Seyhan Dam Lake

Seyhan Dam is an important option among the places to visit in Adana with its proximity to the city center, dozens of bays on it, and bridges that offer the opportunity to visit its surroundings. You can walk along the walking path along Adnan Menderes Boulevard, and enjoy the view against the dam by using the bicycle track. You can experience kebab and other local foods in cafes and restaurants with a dam view, and cool off by eating bici at the cafes.

Seyhan Dam can be reached in 20 minutes from Adana Center. You can also reach Seyhan Dam by buses going to Çukurova University.

7-Yılankale (Snake Castle)

For those looking for an impressive place to visit near Adana, Yılankale will be the best choice. This castle, which we recommend to go close to the sunset, especially in the cool of the afternoon, is known with the legend of Şahmeran, one of the important values ​​of Çukurova. It was named Yılankale  (yılan means snake in Turkish)due to its shape. It is very well preserved and you can drive up to the castle, which is located on a hill overlooking Çukurova. You will be fascinated by the view of Çukurova and Ceyhan River, which you will watch from the castle, which also has a business that offers food & sıkma service at its foot.

It takes 40 minutes to reach Yılankale from Adana.

8-Varda (German) Bridge

It is one of the 13 most important bridges in Turkey, announced by the Ministry of Tourism in 2019. This architectural masterpiece, 100 meters high and 200 meters long, continues to connect the south of Anatolia to other regions by railway for a century. It is impossible not to be impressed by seeing this giant (as the locals call it) bridge. Our advice to those who go is to wander the road next to the bridge, see the bridge from various angles and take souvenir photos. Around the bridge, there are businesses that offer local foods as well as delicious village breakfasts.

Varda Bridge is in Adana’s Karaisalı District. It can be reached in 1 hour by private car. It is also possible to reach by train.

9-Kapıkaya Canyon

One of the places to visit close to Adana is Kapıkaya Canyon, which is located in Karaisalı District, one hour away from Adana. There is a 7 km hiking trail in this natural wonder canyon, formed by Çakıt River by carving the calcareous land in the Taurus Mountains. At the end of the track, you reach Yerköprü Recreation Area, another natural beauty. It is connected to the Varda Bridge with the newly built suspension bridge.

Kapikaya Canyon is 1 hour away from Adana. When you come to Kapikaya Canyon, be sure to see the Varda Bridge, which is very close.

10-Yumurtalık (Ayas) Castles

An important port city throughout history, Yumurtalık (Ayas) is one of the historical monuments that should be seen close to Adana with its castles, one on land and the other on an island. You can go to the castle on the island by renting a boat from the port or by renting a canoe or pedalo from the beach. You can also swim on the smooth and safe and clean beach, where the island and Marco Polo pier form a natural shelter. You can experience many fish restaurants in Yumurtalık that you will enjoy with their fresh fish and local appetizers.

Yumurtalık Castles is 1 hour away from Adana.

11-Anavarza Ancient City

Anavarza Ancient City contains many historical artifacts, most of which are underground and estimated to be 5 times the size of Ephesus. The castle, which rises right next to the city and is located on one of the very rare elevations in Çukurova, offers fascinating views to those who climb it, with endless plains and the Ceyhan River. The Arc de Triomphe and the castle are must-see values.

You can reach Anavarza Ancient City from Adana in 1 hour and 10 minutes.

12-Kozan Castle

You  can reach  up to the top of the castle, which is located on a rising hill by car. It is a nice sightseeing spot with the cafe that sees the whole view and the local drinks served here. Arıkan Mansion (Adjutant Mansion), located at the foot of the castle and reflecting the old period architecture, has been restored and serves as a restaurant and hotel. Also, add the old Kozan houses on the outskirts of the castle and the Hoşkadem Mosque with its original architecture to your list. While you are in Kozan, we recommend you to try the liver kebab, which is famous all over tTurkey.

You can reach Kozan Castle from Adana in 1 hour and 20 minutes.

13-Belemedik Nature Park

Belemedik, a town founded in Çakıt Valley by the Germans who built the Baghdad Railway, is one of the must-see places in Adana with its vegetation, wildlife, picnic and camping arrangements. Belemedik offers many activities such as angling, cycling, mountain hiking and bird watching. By walking along the Belemedik Valley, you can feel yourself as a privileged person who sees the beauties that few people see. Here, a restaurant run by the municipality and bungalow houses offer a nice alternative to stay.

Belemedik Nature Park is in the Pozantı district of Adana and can be reached in 1 hour and 20 minutes from Adana. It is also possible to reach by train.

14-Küp Waterfalls

One of the natural wonders that must be seen in Adana’s Aladağ district is the Küp Waterfalls. It is a collection of natural wonders that are rarely seen in the world, with waterfalls formed by more than one water source on the valley, ground bridge formations, caves and vegetation. We recommend those who want to see the Cube Waterfalls to spend all their days here. Cube Waterfalls is a natural wonder that you will definitely be pleased with when you go for picnic, swimming and camping.

Küp Waterfall, located in Aladağ district, can be reached in 2.5 hours from Adana.

Festivals to visit in Adana

Adana, the City of Festivals

With worldwide organizations such as International Golden Boll Film Festival, International Adana Festival of Taste, International Orange Blossom Carnival, Sabancı International Adana Theater Festival, Adana has now turned into a city of festivals. Especially with the International Adana Festival of Taste held for the last four years, there is a development of visitor motivation in terms of Gastronomy Tourism in our city.

International Adana Festival of Taste

The Festival, the first of which was held on 6-7-8 October 2017 with the aim of international promotion of Adana cuisine, attracted considerable attention. It was held by the theme of «For the Power of Tradition» In 2018; «Great Mediterranean Feast» In 2019.

Throughout the festival in different parts of the city, various gastro shows, parades, talks, workshops and competitions are held accompanied by famous chefs, gourmets and artists.  

International Orange Blossom Carnival

The carnival, organized in April, when the orange, one of the symbols of Adana, blooms, was first held in 2013. In the activities starting with the ringing of the carnival gong thousands of people enjoy the carnival enthusiasm to the fullest with the songs played and dance performances. The carnival carrying the distinction of being the first street carnival in Türkiye is of great interest 

Sabancı International Theater Festival

It has been organized since 1998 in cooperation with the Sabancı Foundation and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism State Theaters. The festival, opened with magnificent performances on the Seyhan River, is the longest running theater festival that lasts for a month.

International Adana Golden Boll Film Festival

It was held for the first time in 1969 under the name of “Golden Boll Film Festival” under the leadership of Adana Municipality and Adana Cinema Club. Including the contributions of the Turkish film archive, the Adana Golden Boll Film Festival, with its enriched content every year since then, has become one of the most important cultural and artistic events not only in the Çukurova region but also in our country.

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